Some people just shoot their mouths off too quickly.

read this :

his claim:

  1. Microsoft doesn't provide video via RSS aka Video Podcasting
  2. Ancient Method of "on demand delivery"


my answer:

  1. &
  2. not everybody has the privilege of living in an advanced country like those in Europe. there are still many developers in other parts of the world where broadband is not reliable.

why provide a download or DVD? easy, so you can have ALL the videos you need in one place without having to view them online, or one at a time.

Quote from msmobiles :

"If you live in a cave and don't have broadband yet, then you can order them on DVD here."

someone just insulted a lot of people around the world. *tsk*

Comments (6)

  1. Joe Chung says:

    That is why people like msmobiles serve only tiny pieces of the market while Microsoft serves the world.

  2. and doesn’t contain developer webcasts. It is the fact that these webcasts are not available through RSS feeds and instead of adressing and solving this problem, you are just diverting attention – how typical for Microsoft employees…

  3. Loke Uei says:

    here we go:

    1. Channel9 is completely developer focused, albeit all the videos are not in the webcast format.

    2. Webcasts are used because of its LIVE nature. All of our webcasts are run live and recorded. Why do we do it live? because we can get feedback and take Q&As on the spot from attendees and in many occasions, completely change the presentation depending on attendee requests.

    3. Many developers want to get access to our recorded archive quickly and easily, what best than to download the whole collection or order the DVD (if they don’t want to wait). I know many people do that these days with "other" kinds of videos.

    4. I’m not diverting attention. I’m setting the records straight

    5. This is not a typical Microsoft employee behavior.

    It seems you have some kind of a personal grudge against some folks in Microsoft or "Microsoft" in general that would cause you to pick on us in such an unwarranted fashion.

    Perhaps it’s something we can help you out with. Tell me the problem and I’ll see if its in my ability to assist.

    Please email me if you rather keep this confidential.

  4. msmobiles is like that says:

    That’s right. The guy has a go at all Windows Mobile MVPs, and he keeps annoying Nokia, where he used to work. Finnish users are not a big fan of Jacek…

  5. Not worth to discuss with him says:

    Msmobiles (Jacek) has already proven to the world what he is: a rude, paranoic person who goes after every person that speaks one single word that doesn’t comply with what he thinks. In his opinion he is the exclusive owner of truth.

    It is not worth to discuss with him. Best is to ignore him completely, and surely, not to link to his site in order to prevent from people that doesn’t know it exists to discover it. The amount of rage, stupidity and hate there is just not good for anybody’s health.

  6. Loke Uei : I have no grudge against Microsoft. However some things that Microsoft does are not good enough and many things are plain wrong.

    I have helped users of Windows Mobile phones many many times than most MVPs yet I have not been offerd MVPs – through answering questions in forum, through podcast and through videos. It is several hundred if not several thousands bigger contribution than this of most MVPs.

    Loke Uei if you wanna help me: nominate me for MVP! so that I could help even better Windows Mobile users.

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