Mobility Webcast DVD available for Order now

Sorry for the sales pitch but since we're not earning anything from this, I'd like to let everyone know that they can order a DVD containing the entire collection of Windows Mobile webcasts that we've done since the dawn of time on MSDN Webcasts.

You can order this DVD (over 90 videos) for a mere $5 (for cost recovery) here :

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  1. Rifat Yavuz says:


    I was able to find a link to order a dvd that contains all the mobile webcasts ever available on msdn in December,2006.

    but for now, there is no link for either mobility marvels webcast series dvd and msdn on demand webcast dvd.

    I am so sad that I did not order that at that moment, I was so busy with the projects I had.

    it takes to much time to download content, will the content be available again?



    mobile development fan.

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