Windows CE 6.0 Launched Officially

Congratulations to the Windows Embedded team. The virtual launch event went off without a hitch this morning and Mike Hall stole the show again, wearing his "7 year old hand-painted, limited edition (Mike told me there were only 10 in the world), Windows CE 3.0 launch vest".

here's a picture of him with Todd Warren showing off one of the cool Windows XP Embedded USB boot feature.


you can watch the recording of the launch event here:



here's a closeup look at Mike's Whacky Silk Vest. All the logos were actually hand-painted using wax. Time consuming fur sure!

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  1. I am watching Craig Mundie’s keynote at the CE6 Virtual Launch online. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him

  2. Arvind kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

      We are developing a application based on Windows CE so we are required this tools for developing application, so we want to know some information about Windows CE 6.0 professinal & other edition (loke basic)

    so we are requesting you to the difference between Windows CE 6.0 professional edition & Other edition (like Basic) so plz forward immediately, what’s more feature in professional edition as compared to other editions, also price defference, libraries, components & devices etc.

    kindly information forward about Windows CE 6.0 professional Edition & Other Edition (like basic)

    thanks & regards

  3. Loke Uei says:

    Here’s the response from Mike Hall:

    Information on licensing the CE 6.0 product can be found here –

    We also have a runtime assessment tool that will tell you whether you are using the “core” or “Pro” license.

    More information here –

    – Mike

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