MEDC 2006 Conference DVD Available for Download

We're about to post the link to order the MEDC 2006 Conference DVD but in the meantime, we would like to allow everyone to download the conference DVD as well. As reported by Jason Langridge, you're able to download all the presentation slides, demos and videos of all the sessions that were recorded at MEDC 2006 earlier this year. The full DVD is 6.8gb in size so we've broken it up into smaller chunks (zip files) that is easier to be downloaded.

You can download the files from here :

These are the zip files:

  • Application Development Track

APP.z01 (2000.0 MB)
APP.z02 (726.6 MB) (148.5 MB)

  • Windows Embedded Track (1931.1 MB)

  • Partner Sessions (217.6 MB)

  • IT Pro Track (677.3 MB)

  • Keynote Sessions (188.5 MB)

  • Lab Manuals (49.4 MB)

  • Panel Sessions (54.3 MB)

  • Pre-Conference Sessions (815.5 MB)

  • Main DVD Index

MEDC (76 KB)

All of the zip files above can be downloaded separately, but you need the Main DVD Index in order to search the list of sessions and review session abstracts.



Comments (10)

  1. Henrik Bach says:

    My unzipper fails (with checksum error I think) when it tries to unzip the 3 App files – the build-in unzipper in Windows XP also fails.

    Do I need a special unzipper to get the contents for the App-track?

  2. Oskar Berreteaga says:

    I’ve got problems with, too.

    When unzipping, WinZip says ‘Please insert disk number 1 of spanned Zip file into drive D:’

    My D: drive is a hard disk. I’ve placed app.z01 and app.z02 in D:’s root but it doesn’t work. Placing them in the same directory as is useless, too.

  3. Loke Uei says:

    we’ve used WinZip 9.1 SR1 to span multiple files. What version of WinZip do you have?

  4. Henrik Bach says:

    I used Winzip 8.0, which failed. Yesterday I downloaded trial af Winzip 10.0 and it works fine.

  5. Oskar Berreteaga says:

    I was using WinZip 8.0 also. v10.0 solves the problem.


  6. Loke Uei says:

    whoops. sorry about that. It was WinZip 10. we’ve changed the download page and will be providing a new URL soon. This time, all packages will be zipped using WinZip 9 SR1 for compatibility sake.

  7. Yair says:

    Why is this download changed again ? i started downloading the parts and now they have only 3 parts .

  8. Aleksandr says:

    Same problem here.. I was trying to download the archives twice, but all links seems to be broken. Any info about when the materials become available ?

  9. My apologies for the big Boo Boo that we made with the MEDC DVD downloads that we previously posted about

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