No Photoshop? No worry.

There's Paint.NET 🙂 Yes that's right, almost 100% written in MANAGED CODE. I remember using this application when it was released as version 1 on my Windows XP. Although a novel idea at that time, the performance was very sluggish. Perhaps written without optimizing the .NET code. But now, with their latest release v2.72, I can say that it's blazingly fast.

Startup time from zero and uncached, was around 1 second. The entire experience is very slick now, from opening windows, dragging selection boxes and applying Effect filters. Works fine on my Vista RC2. I'm gonna be using this more and more to edit my icons, images etc.

There's a alpha build for their new Version 3.0 that you can try, but mind the dust.

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  1. Nogg3r5 says:

    Paint.Net is great. I use it for cropping and editing images for my blog all the time. It makes paint look like a kids toy. Its not as full featured as Photoshop, but that shows in load times, download sizes etc. It still wont replace Photoshop for me, but it is a good alternative for certain tasks

  2. Loke Uei says:

    Yeah it’s a cool alternative to Photoshop. Obviously not a replacement but has all the necessary features for a typical online enthusiast. Love it. Feels like the old PaintShop Pro when it was cheap: but now it’s owned by Corel.

  3. I use Paint .NET for book and blog illustrations and find it has all the features I need for technical illustration.


  4. Great catch. I’ve been following Paint.NET for the past couple of years and it really seems ready for the big time now. I’m going to add it to the Great Software List soon!

  5. says:

    Paint.NET is so easy to use and powerfull… Definitely a photoshop killer for non professionnal users…

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