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Ed Jezierski and Eugenio Pace from the patterns and practices group talks to Mark Baker from Dr. Dobb's Portal about the origins of the Mobile Client Software Factory. This is part 1 of a 6 part series. I'll post more updates when it becomes available.

The Mobile Client Software Factory contains 8 application blocks that addresses the common issues that mobile developers face today.

  • The Configuration Block, which provides comprehensive features for managing application configuration, including encrypted configuration, on a mobile device
  • The Connection Monitor Block, which monitors and exposes connections between the device and networks and services it uses.
  • The Data Access Block, which provides features to simplify data access code requirements when using the SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition database
  • The Data Subscription Block, which provides services that simplify setting up and executing SQL Mobile replication subscriptions.
  • The Disconnected Service Agent Block, which provides features for storing offline Web Service requests, and executing them when connectivity is available
  • The Endpoint Catalog Block, which stores and exposes physical address and associated details (including credentials) for remote services to which the device can connect from configuration.
  • The Orientation Aware Control Block, which implements a control that allows you to design your user interfaces to suit different screen orientations, form factors and resolutions, and culture/localization settings of different devices.
  • The Password Authentication Block, which provides the features required to authenticate users manage encryption and secure storage for data
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