Vista and Office Boxes revealed

Hey, love the new packaging. Check it out as reported by Walzenbach, Engadget and Windows Vista Blog. I like the black one, don’t you?    


Flic Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

I have an executive presentation today at the Conference Center and one of the demos that I’ll be presenting is a Line of Business Sales Force application that talks to a Dynamics AX backend. A sales person would use this application to help him/her take orders, manage routes etc. One of the features of this application is…


Mobile Secretary Source now Available.

Brian has released the source code for the Mobile Secretary application that he released last week. you can download the source code here. you can read more at the Windows Mobile blog.


Mobile Secretary by Brian Cross

Whoops a ltitle late in reporting this but Brian Cross has finally posted up the binary files for the Mobile Secretary application that he used during the MEDC WM5 Managed Code session. I’ve also presented his content during our MEDC World Tour. You can read his post on the Windows Mobile Team Blog.


Dash away!

If you’re like me, spending the past few weeks waiting for this device to be launched by T-Mobile, you can now celebrate. T-Mobile has launched the Dash for USD199 after an instant discount and rebate. Also for Developers you’re able to purchase one for up to USD300 discount. That makes the device just USD99! What…


One-upsmanship Mobile Style

Not to be outdone by Cougar and his four screen setup and since I’m working for the Mobile division, this is how I’m going to redefine how the future mobile worker’s environment looks like.   From Left to Right: Media Player Pocket Internet Explorer Outlook Email Word, Powerpoint Viewer   They’re all Touchscreens too. Hah!…


I’m so jealous.

One of Derek’s buddy’s setup. That’s FOUR 24″ Widescreen LCDs, three positioned vertically and one horizontally. Here’s what I heard about Cougar’s layout: (from left to right) IM, Newsreader, Media Player, Sidebar Browser (I heard he doesn’t need to scroll!) Email (Page view) Outlook (Email triage, calendar etc) I think he light will…


MEDC 2007? So fast?

I just got out of a Kick-off meeting for MEDC 2007. So soon? So fast? you might ask. Well, for an event of this size, planning usually starts 6-7months before. Events such as TechEd / PDC, planning starts right after the event ends!! Can’t imagine the work those guys have to put in, no time…


MEDC 2006 Conference DVD Available for Download

We’re about to post the link to order the MEDC 2006 Conference DVD but in the meantime, we would like to allow everyone to download the conference DVD as well. As reported by Jason Langridge, you’re able to download all the presentation slides, demos and videos of all the sessions that were recorded at MEDC…