How I wish we had this in Redmond

Microsoft has a huge campus in Redmond covering many different locations such as the Main Campus, Lakeridge, Red West, Millenium, Sammamish and others. In terms of size, Microsoft is considered to have the world's largest single location headquaters facility totalling 10 million sq ft of space! That's STUNNING.

One problem we have is getting from one building to another. The system they have in place is already really good, with a very intelligent system that routes shuttle request between buildings and making sure they maintain a certain service level. Most of the time, we get to where we want ontime. The system is also intelligent enough to hand-off requests from one shuttle to another. I would however like to improve it's "booking" system. Right now, we have to get to the receptionist and request to have a shuttle bring us from that building to another. The receptionist will quickly enter this into a web-based application and in 10 seconds will let you know what the shuttle number is and how long it will take to get to your location.

Take a look at this service the Brits and Irish have in their cities today.

I would like to see a "one-button" click solution built for Windows Mobile that allows me to hit one button on my cellphone and select which building I would like to go to and the phone will transmit my current location to the shuttle system via SMS. (probably linked to a location based service like

then the system will SMS back to me the shuttle number and estimated wait time. Simple and so usable.


don't you think so? oh, but before we get there, someone has to teach Americans that SMS or Texting is better than email, and works while you're on the phone or GPRS. ðŸ˜‰

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  1. Hi is one of my products and i thank you for your comments, looks like we are doing something right, maybe there is something we can do to help and get this technology moving in Redmond, if you have any ideas or contact details please advice as we will only be to happy to work with, very best regards Lawrence.

  2. Gerard Toye says:

    I was recently in Dublin, Ireland visiting family and this textataxi thing was mentioned, so we thought we would give it a try, we were just finishing our drinks after a nice meal and then we textataxi, it was raining outside and i dont really know any taxi companies we only know the one number 57000 which apparently will cover the whole ireland so we gave it a go, TAXI DUBLIN BROWNSBARN TO SWORDS 4 PEOPLE ASAP. within seconds we got a message saying thanks for booking, then a second came within seconds and said thebooking was accepted and the car will be with us at the specified time and location within 15 minutes we recieved a 3rd text message to say the vehicle has arrived along with the colour make,model plate number and taxi id, so of we went outside to find the blue mondeo and there it was in we got and went to my brothers local in swords, this is a great idea so simple safe and effective, well done to the guys who came up with it, thanks for the safe ride back to my brothers, gerard .

  3. Mike Foster says:

    This idea is rubbish ( in my opinion )

    Customers would rather use a reputable Taxi firm, easily got by asking anyone local.

    Waiter, Bar Staff etc will be glad to order

    you a Taxi for free…


  4. simon stewart says:

    interesting to see that Mike Foster happens to be involved with a taxi company. Perhaps he’s annoyed he didn’t come up with the idea??

    I used, does what it says on the tin!

  5. Mr Textman says:

    Its a nice idea, but impractical in reality.

    Its the classic example of trying to use technology,

    to solve a non-existent problem or issue.

    People would rather telephone for a Taxi, than use other

    methods, such as Internet etc. Even For ‘this idea’ to work,

    and be a profitable, managed service, it would need to be used

    a lot, which it never will…

    In airports, bars and restaurants’ etc , you are bombarded

    with Taxi company’s details, simply ring them and book your

    Taxi. Sit back, relax, heck, they will even ring your phone

    or send you a sms when your Cab is outside.

    This is only my opinion as someone in the Taxi business,

    many years, and running several successful businesses etc

  6. Hi,

    Some very interesting comments above i see, some negative some positive.

    Its great to hear of various peoples and businesses feed back; however if i listened to all the negative feedback about certain products and business that i have created i would not be a wealthy man.

    Taxi company owners must comply with strict regulations laid down by various governing bodies and what we have found is that most do not comply, during our research this was very disturbing esspecially when they are requested to be dissability act compliant,not just for wheel chair access and the blind but for the hard of hearing and speech impaired (this community does not have a voice so i am creating a strong communication system to help), so Mr Textman and the Belfast taxi operator please do not attempt to hide behind your knowledge,to avail of knowing what you are talking about, your opinoins are on board and i thank you for those comments and wish you every success in what ever you continue to do, good luck,

    Regards Lawrence Kendall

  7. Wendy Mcgill says:


    This textataxi service is a fantastic concept and has been an absolute saviour both for me and my daughter.

    i have used this company and i have registered and if you register you do get preferential treatment as text bookings take priority over normal bookings, this is definitly the way to book the taxi with one number i can go anywhere even to another country and be gauranteed a professional taxi company will collect me.

    My colleagues and i at the Bank of Ireland support this, its fantastic and as Mr Stewart said it does what it says on the tin.

    Well done Mr Kendall and congratulations on a global product that is allready helping not just able bodied people, but the 9 million deaf and speech challenged community in The UK.

    Thank you

    Wendy Mcgill

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