A breath of fresh air

For months now i've been dual booting Windows XP and Windows Vista. XP off my primary drive and Vista on my secondary drive bay. And after a while of switching back and forth, i ended up using Vista more for my work and XP for home/pleasure. to the point that I'm switching back and forth constantly. Not only do I have to switch to get at applications that I love, I had to deal with accessing my emails using OWA (Outlook Web Access) from my XP cause the Outlook file I used on XP ended up being inconsistent with the OST file in Vista. I had enough of it.

Two days ago I backed up everything I had onto my USB 400gb Mybook drive and formatted EVERYTHING! Took only 30mins to install Vista RC1 5600 through RIS (Remote Installation Service) which was a snap! found out that the Vista I installed was the Enterprise version, quickly downloaded the new 5728 Ultimate SKU and upgraded the Vista in place. Vista RC1 5728 contains a working Media Center edition and it looks very nice.

One needs to use Ultimate, because there are many unseen cool features that will be shipped as part of the Ultimate edition when it does ship, so watch out for that.

My notebook is a Compaq nw8240 running ATI FireGL and a 2Ghz Processor. Here's my Performance Index.

Not bad huh? Only problem i'm having is my processor. Wonder if this notebook's processor is upgradeable?


also, Windows Mobile Device Center works, after applying an internal patch of course. Look forward to seeing this enabled by default in the next release. 


 I feel so clean now. 🙂

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  1. After cleaning my house, I needed to go through the painstaking process of getting my dev environment…

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