upgrade failed!

We're supposed to be running on Community Server 2.1 now, but because of some unforseen issues, they had to rollback to the old system. I'm looking forward to see what new features they'll be adding.


here's a list of features but i'm not sure which we'll get.


Improvements to existing Features

  • New blogs skins – some professionally design blog skins to help make your blog stand-out.
  • Improved Editor – simple to use WYSIWYG editor.
  • Improved blog authoring experience – simplified workflow for creating, editing, and saving posts.
  • Improved comment editing/management tools for blogs – designed to help you edit and manage a large number of comments quickly.
  • Better SPAM Protection – changes to the built-in spam rules to more effectively deal with spam.
  • New reports – new reports for a variety of statistics maintained by the Community Server database.
  • Per-post answer status –allows users to track answer status on a per-post level for forum posts.
  • Better fixed-width support – design changes to enable better support for fixed width sites.

New Features

  • Tags – ability to add free form tags to content and then use tag clouds and other tools to filter content. 
  • Content Mirroring – ability to configure a blog to be subscribed to one or more external RSS sources bringing that content into the site for visitors and making the content searchable.
  • Post Relevance sorting – allows site owners to use new post relevance algorithm (optional) for blog aggregation page. This feature allows popular content to stay “above the fold” longer.
  • Invitations – ability to configure site so that only invited users can join the community.
  • Badges – members of the site each receive a community badge that can easily be displayed in a variety of locations, such as external blogs.
  • Feedburner / external RSS support – easily use tools, such as Feedburner, for sharing your RSS feeds on blogs.
  • Runs in Medium Trust – better support for hosting organizations that want to run ASP.NET applications in a reduced trust level.
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