Jim Allchin encourages Developers to build for Vista

Just got a note saying that Jim Allchin posted an Open Letter to developers on MSDN to encourage them to build, port, test and run their applications on Vista. here's a short blurb:


Why should developers target the Windows Vista?
Windows Vista provides a range of new features that will benefit developers, businesses and end users alike.  It will make it safer and easier to accomplish everyday tasks, help you find information more easily, and provide the best user experiences and scenarios through the following new features:

  • Family Safety Settings enable parents to feel confident that their children are safe when they are working with their PCs.
  • IE Security Improvements protect against malicious Web site operators and help prevent users from becoming victims of confusing URLs.
  • Windows Defender protects your computer against spyware and other potentially unwanted software.
  • Enhanced UI with Aero: AERO scales to the hardware capabilities of each machine, and gives users a more reliable, stable and elegant user experience.
  • Integrated Search enables you to find what you want throughout the system.
  • New Networking Scenarios enable many new scenarios for interacting with computers and devices on the local network, such as using network media players or easily setting up networking routers and wireless access points.
  • Mobility Features improve battery life on laptops and connect users on the go to information stored on their PC, including calendar or e-mail.

For information on many other new features in Windows Vista, including Sidebar, Games Explorer, Photo Gallery, Media Center, and Windows Media Player 11, check www.microsoft.com/windowsvista.

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