A Presenter’s Toolkit

So guys, how many of you deliver presentations on a regular basis? either to a small 5+ audience or to large (hundreds and thousands) of people? If you do, I'm sure you have a "toolkit" or a "toolbox" of presentation type gadgets that are in your repertoire.

This is what I have in my toolkit:

  Logitech 2.4 GHz Cordless Presenter 


Green Laser works so much better and brighter than standard red lasers. Looks cool too. Why do I carry two presentation clickers? well, BACKUP 🙂 also, the logitech one was a gift from a dear friend, comes with all kinds of features such as timer with a vibrating alarm, screen blackouts and a red laser. It is absolutely essential to have these clickers install WITHOUT needing any drivers.

I can't wait to get rid of all of them and switch to this:

Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000


What does your kit look like?

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