HTC Announces 4 new Devices

It just gets better and better. It's been a long decade since the first CE PDA appeared on the market and look at how we've progressed. HTC's latest line-up of PDAs and Smartphones are just simply sexy. Engadget,, Smartphone Thoughts and alot of other sites have great coverage about this announcement so I won't repeat.

Checkout these images:

and the link to HTC's Press release at Mobility Today.


Personally, of the 4, my favourite is the HTC Excalibur. Why? Simple. If I'm going to be forced to use only 200mhz devices *nagnagnag*, I'll take the best looking one!

seriously, I mean, COME ON!, it's about time PPCs got to 600mhz and Smartphones up to 400mhz. Innovation can't be lagging that badly behind the hardware right? It's time we forged ahead with the performance capabilities of these devices. Battery you say? well, slap on a bigger battery, or switch to fuel cell or something. Or take out non-essential features, or make them modular. I'd rather have 400mhz then a WiFi / Infrared Radio. Imagine a small slot where the WiFi radio/antenna supposed to be, give us an option to replace that with a small battery (for instance).

Like someone in our company says it all the time, NO MORE INNOVATION GAPs.

What say you?

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  1. Andy says:

    It’s too much hard work for companies to do… unlike moving completely to VGA screens which should be a simple task!

    There should be no more new PPCs released with QVGA screens!

    But you are right about processing power… Microsoft need to try there "hand" at the handheld gaming market, and the only way to do that is at least a 600mhz processor and an nVidia GoForce 🙂


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