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There are times during your career when something happens that just made your day and made you feel that all the sweat and tears you've put in for the company is all worth it. It happened for me tonight.

Was speaking to an old friend of mine from Malaysia over IM and he told me that his wife (who works as a lecturer in a local (Malaysian) college) was given the task to setup guidelines for students on deciding what to use for their Final Year Projects, specifically pertaining to development tools such as .NET or Java.

So she consulted her husband. He asked her a very simple question, what do you need to setup a development environment for JSP. Her response was:

  1. Tom Cat

  2. JDK

  3. Setup TomCat to use JSP properly

  4. MySQL

  5. MySQL Data Manager

  6. Pray that HTTP Server works in the end

"And with .NET.. " he added,

  1. Full installation of Visual Web Developer Express and SQL 2005 Express

"That's it?" she asked.

"Yes. done deal. Integrated HTTP server, no need to administer virtual directories, SQL DB will be loaded in place, and the best thing is when students have to hand in their projects, all they have to do is to send in their solution file. Lecturer just opens the .sln file and everything is GTG."

Can't help feeling good when our technology really helps developers not only become more productive but focus on the task at hand, instead of wrestling with the platform to get things going.


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