Windows Live Writer Beta now Available

If you're an avid Microsoft Blog follower, you might have noticed a sudden surge of blog posts about the new Windows Live Writer. Reason? We've been using this tool internally providing testing and feedback to the Windows Live Writer team as they stabilize and improve the product. We're embargoed from blogging or talking about it, until now!

Apart from all the bells and whistles of providing a blogging interface to all Live Spaces, MSDN and TechNet Blogs (based on telligent Systems Community Server), Blogger, Live Journal, TypePad, WordPress, All blogs that support RSD (Really Simple Discoverability), Metaweblog API and Moveable Type API. As I was saying, apart from the usual features, the most exciting is the Live Writer SDK.

The Windows Live Writer SDK allows developers to extend the capabilities of Writer to publish additional content types. Examples of content types that can be added include:

  1. Images from online photo publishing sites
  2. Embedded video or audio players
  3. Product thumbnails and/or links from e-commerce sites
  4. Tags from tagging services

You know what that means? the possibility of having amazing plug-ins created by the community to extend the functionalities of Live Writer to greater heights.

Download it here:

and listen to an Interview with J.J. Allaire, Architect of Live Writer.

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