Which versions of Compact Framework will VS ‘Orcas’ Support

Amit Chopra from the VS for Devices team has made this post a while ago and I would like to share this with you, if you haven't already seen it. This is really important as it gives you notice up front and perhaps early enough for you to think about impact to your development processes and readiness. I've updated it with some additional info.

This will be more applicable if you work in the managed world (via .NET Compact Framework).

Managed Development Changes and Enhancements.

  • Add Support for V.Next of Compact Framework  (V 3.5, to align with the .NET Framework 3.5)
  • Continue to support .NET CF Version 2.0 sp1
  • Remove the templates for 1.0
    • Your existing 1.0 Projects will be migrated to 2.0 (if you wish to use them in VS Orcas)
    • Or you can continue to use VS 2005 side by side on the same machine to work with 1.0 applications
    • Since Smartphone 2003 only supports NETCF 1.0, you will not see any project templates for that.
  • Include the Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC and Smartphone SDKs in the Box so you have a first class out of the box experience
  • Enable future SDKs from Windows Mobile team to install seamlessly on VS “Orcas” much like you install Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK today
  • Add Managed Templates for next version of Windows CE (just the way CE 5.0 is supported today)


Link to Story: http://blogs.msdn.com/vsdteam/archive/2006/07/12/6...

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