Another Ringtone Editor for Windows Mobile

For those of you who love to customize your phones (as I do), no doubt at one time or another had to look for an audio editor. The more popular applications on the net today are Goldwave and Audacity. I love Goldwave, its a "chocker" full of features. Audacity is a multi-layered editor that is available free on sourceforge.

These are great editors, but require a somewhat steep learning curve if you haven't dabbled with waveforms and audio rates. A friend of mine, Marauder, build a simple tool for cutting up audio files and saving them into the WMA format. His tool can also be used to extract audio from video files.

Screen Shot (34kb)

You can download the M2RingToneSplicer from this url :

He's got a few programs that you might find useful too. Things like Encoding video for the Portable Media Center.


* Remember! Audio clips from copyrighted material remains copyrighted. *



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    Nice site actually. Gone to my favourites. Thanks for creation.

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