A Snapshot of Windows Mobiles Developers with Top Mindshare


Since we got some good feedback from you guys, I've edited the title to reflect what this study was actually done for. Here's Derek's explanation : http://msmobiles.com/f/viewtopic.php?p=22098#22098


Derek Snyder, who's a Product Manager in MED spent sometime going through reports and some research and came up with a list of the Top Windows Mobile Developers and he agreed to share it with us.

Top Windows Mobile developers, updated yesterday based on aggregated Handango yardstick and community mindshare.
Windows Mobile Top 20 Developers (that met Criteria, not ranked)

  • Spb Software House
  • WebIS
  • Phatware
  • SBSH
  • DeveloperOne
  • Iliumsoft
  • OmegaOne
  • Resco
  • Conduits
  • SplashData
  • Fizz Software
  • MobiMate
  • MpegTV LLC (PocketTV)
  • DDH Software, Inc. (HanDBase)
  • Sybase (AvantGo)
  • SOTI
  • Karrier Communications (IntelliGolf)
  • MobiTV
  • Handmark
  • Landware


  • Device side components
  • Top 50 Best Selling
  • Greater than 1000 downloads on Handango


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