Never Ever Fly US Airways.

They don't tell you that you're never confirmed a seat, just confirmed to have a registration on the flight.

they don't tell you the seat number is not printed and you need to get your seat assigned at the gate.

the old hag called Arlene at the gate said they should have told you about this, shoved a legal disclaimer go my face and basically said FO and leave me alone i'm busy. super bad customer service.

and they over book flights which causes customer DSAT every single day. How can a company get away with this? customer DSAT is a serious thing and they treat it like a daily affair.

i'm so glad i'm working for Microsoft. we react to DSAT like its the plague and fix it.

i'm flying NorthWest exclusively now. i'm saying No to our travel policy. i cannot comply to rules that benefit a company like that.

irked to death.


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  1. Frank says:

    US Airways is a joke! Gross incompetence to say the least. They simply cannot get their act together! While checking in at Port Columbus Intl Airport for Ft Lauderdale connecting in PIT, the back log of flights that should have already taken off for other destinations (DCA, PHL, LGA) obviously affected my flight in departing on time. At 9:30am we should have boarded yet the three previously flights mentioned that were scheduled to depart at 900 still had not completely boarded even at 9:45am. At 10:30am we finally boarded and then encountered an "overweight" issue. A passenger willing to give up his seat caused an additional 20 minute delay as we departed at 1100am, arrived PIT at 11:40 and missed my connection for FLL. They said they rebooked me on a flight from PIT to DCA to go back to PIT then on to FLL. They said "Wait, this doesn’t make sense, I think you need to speak with SPecial Services" I go to special services, get a supervisor involved and asked what the 800 Custome Relations number was. The Supervisor asked his co-worker "Isn’t it something like 800 and spells out a name? " "What’s that word again?" as he asks the person he supposed to be supervising. Then they said the only flight was leaving direct from PIT at 6:00 pm. I had to wait 6 hours at PIT airport for the flight. Then at 5:30 (boarding time) a plane was at the gate with crew unaccounted for. The missing crew was supposed to ferry the plane out of there to DCA so as to make room for the arriving plane to depart at 6:00. Well that never happened. They had to do a gate change and that plane arrived PIT lat. We boarded at 6:30pm then had to de-ice and didn’t depart PIT for FLL until 6:50pm and I arrived after 9:15pm that night. What a joke. There are no mechanicals or weather issues yet they cannot depart on time to save their life nor can they even account for missing crew. Then on the return from FLL back to Columbus the flight connecting in Charlotte, NC only after landing at Charlotte, the connection was delayed because of a missing flight attendant unaccounted for. At the last minute she’s a "No show" and crew planning is looking to schedule another Flight attendant for the flight which was delayed over 90 minutes. I’ve experienced better service at a Greyhound bus station or McDonalds or Wal-Mart than I have with US AirWays. They simply do not have their act together and it is total chaos! I will never fly US Airways ever and wil be sure to tell everyone to do the same.

  2. norm says:

    they had my wife’s first name wrong and said i would have to buy another ticket and not refund that one next one said for a 150.00 she would change it (under the table cash i think) so i cancled both tickets than was told i could not get credit or a refund that they get to keep all my money they are not claiming that on there taxes ill bet hope to see them go out ob business soon we dont need companys like that in this country anymore

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