Fully Charged up at MGX, and lost it all in Vegas.

You might have noticed the entire Microsoft organization / blogs have gone pretty quiet the past few days. Reason? MGX. Microsoft Global Exchange. This huge event is held every year for our Internal Worldwide Sales and Marketing organizations to meet up with the rest of the company in Redmond and our executives.

It's a fantastic experience, every year, 15,000 employees of all shape, size, color, and creed come together to drink the Microsoft Koolaid.

So what's impressive this year? a few things (of what I'm allowed to talk about) so I'm purposely going to be very vague.

  1. Windows Vista "desktop" enhancement
  2. MSR's Search and Image technologies
  3. Mobile Device Computing. YEAH BABY!
  4. Zune
  5. Kevin Turner
  6. Steve Ballmer (of course)

and, you might probably have heard, the cool funny Microsoft Internal only video of our sr. execs in parodic roles. 🙂 Funny! and NO you're not putting it up on YouTube. I'm sure it was deleted promptly after it was shown. Kevin Turner our new COO is fantastic, he has a very bright future in Microsoft, mark my words.

I'm sufficiently charged up.

But then it happened, I had to leave MGX early in the middle of Steve's session to catch my flight back to Seattle to present at the Developer and Platform Evangelism DE Role Side Meeting that is going to happen on Sunday.

I had a connecting flight from Orlando to Las Vegas to Seatac, but I missed my Orlando - SeaTac route because I couldn't hear the boarding announcement. I was only 30 ft away! I heard boarding announcements from other gates but not mine. so, since that was the last flight, I couldn't get another flight till 11:30am this morning. (i'm still waiting as I blog).

so after getting up at 8am last night, I'm still awake after 26 hours with 5 more hours before I get home. The airport officials were cautious as there was this fat japanese sumo looking samoan lying down on the carpet in the middle of the airport massaging his toes.

I'm dead tired. All the chutzpah that i've built up at MGX is now gone. If I see someone with a Blackberry sitting next to me in the flight later, I wouldn't have the energy to convert him/her.

I did however thought I could win at slots

But for you gambling aficionados, you know that life isn't entirely written in VB.

So, back to charging my multitude of devices while waiting for the time to dwindle away so I can board the plane for a good 2-hour sleep.


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