Got a new O2 Atom Exec for the MEDC Malaysia’s Keynote

Just got this from the O2 distributor here in Malaysia. Since they're so kind to provide these devices for our use, I'll be showing all my demos on it tomorrow.


The box is made very well with a magnetized front flap and nicely placed compartments to hold the device, cables, CDs etc.


O2 Spared no expense at adding tons of software by default when you purchase the device, such as CodeWallet, Jeyo SMS Backup, Worldmate and lots of useful Today plugins. Useful tools for the professional on the go.

This device is very fast, sporting a 520MHz Intel processor and 192MB of ROM. The original Atom came with a 416MHz Intel processor and 128MB of ROM.

We'll be having our rehearsals today at 5pm. See you guys at MEDC Kuala Lumpur tomorrow!

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