Which devices have MSFP Today?

Mobile Operators with MSFP Devices

·         Cingular: 8125, 2125

·         Orange: SPV M5000, C600

·         Sprint: PPC 6700

·         O2 XDA: Atom Exec, Atom Mini S (APAC)


Device Makers with MSFP

·         Palm Treo 700w (VZW)

·         I-mate SP5, SP5m, Jasjar, Kjam, JAMin

·         Qtek 9000, 9100

·         Vodafone VPA Compact II

·         Dopod A710 (HTC Star Trek) (China)

·         Dopod 900, 838, 818Pro, 830,

·         O2 XDA Atom (Asia)

·         Eten M600

Other Windows Mobile Devices with MSFP

·         HP iPaq hw6900 Mobile Messenger: (Hong Kong); HP iPAQ rw6828 Multimedia Messenger:(available in Hong Kong, Taiwan, SE Asia, and Australia); HP iPAQ rw6818 Multimedia Messenger: (no WiFi) (available in Hong Kong, Taiwan, SE Asia, and Australia in June and then China in July/August)

·         QTek s200 (Australia, SE Asia, Hong Kong & Taiwan in June)

·         Dopod Str Trk S300 [HTC Star Trek] (available in SE Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan); Dopod A710 (HTC Star Trek) available in China

·         Gigabyte Communications g-Smart (Chungwa Telecom in TW and CSL Hong Kong); Gigabyte Communications g-Smart-i (Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong)


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