MEDC 2006 Taiwan – Done!

What a great day. Eddie Wu delivered a good keynote for MEDC 2006 Taiwan today at the Westin Hotel, Taipei. Keynote was delivered completely in Mandarin and my demos were delivered in English of course. I'm a Banana who can't speak my mother tongue. Well at least I did greet everyone in Mandarin and apologized for not speaking mandarin. 🙂

Anyway, delivering Mike's demos were a blast and the crowd seemed to like it, esp. when I brought up a pack of Betelnuts complete with a barcode and scanned it using a Symbol scanner using WEPOS!! very cool.


Thanks to the local team Eddie Wu, Jim Tsui, and the fantastic local team for putting together a GREAT show. Unofficial count as of midday is almost 800pax.

just 2 more to go. Beijing and Kuala Lumpur.

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