Project Glidepath Software Factory Released

If you're a MicroISV (1-10 developer shop) you would like to play around with Glidepath. A set of Visual Studio 2005 add-ins that are delivered in packages via an RSS update feed, which allows you to take advantage of their process guidance, workflow and sample code on how to get started adopting Windows Presentation Foundation for Windows Vista to how to write a Press Release, work on copy protection or collecting revenue. Most of the templates are guidance for MicroISVs not only to build or use Microsoft's technologies but to be successful in their business.

Why don't you give it a spin, you can download the bits here:

Watch a Channel 9 Video :

and subscribe to their blog :

Hopefully in the near future they would be able to add in more architectures into Glidepath to support Windows Mobile and Embedded development / businesses.


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