CTP of SQL Server 2005 Everywhere Edition Now Available

SQL Server 2005 Everywhere Edition is the followup to SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition (SQL Mobile).   Everywhere Edition adds to the great data replication and synchronization capabilities available in SQL Mobile.  With Everywhere Edition, you can use the same client-side database for your Windows Mobile and Windows desktop applications--making it easier for you to share code and resources across both platforms. 


This release has a couple of key features:

  • Now supported on Windows XP, Windows 2003 and yes Vista
  • |DataDirectory| macro for dynamic database location resolution
  • Ability to GAC the ADO.net provider
  • MSI for easily deploying SQL Ev w/ClickOnce, SMS and other deployment technologies
  • Visual Studio integration for ClickOnce
  • Full support for all of the Sql Mobile features, including the SqlCeResultSet and RDA.


Download the CTP today to get a preview and provide the team with feedback.


Steve Lasker has a GREAT blog post about the capabilities of SQL Everywhere.

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