MEDC 2006 World Tour #2 – Tokyo Japan. DONE!

We've just completed our keynote at MEDC 2006 Japan in Meguro Ga Jo En in Tokyo to a packed room of 600 attendees. Keynote presentation was delivered by Michele Freed, General Manager of the Mobile Information Worker business in Microsoft.

Mike Hall ("World's most famous Windows Developer") gave his Windows CE 6, Windows XP Embedded and WEPOS Demos. I delivered the Windows Mobile demos which focuses on patterns and practices and SQL Everywhere. Keynote was delivered smoothly without a hitch. Thanks to the local events & logistics team.

The only funny thing was we had to present in super-slow motion, because there were translators who we had to be mindful of. Mike in his usual tongue in cheek mode slipped in a few sentences that threw the translators off guard like "now that rocks!" and "developers suck at building UI".

Sessions are still ongoing, Mel and Mike are delivering their breakouts and local speakers are doing their thing too. Will post up some stats about the event shortly.


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