MEDC T-0.9

Good Morning. we're in the final stages of setting up the MEDC Keynote. Pre-conference has started this morning and there are tons of people registering for the event already. This is going to be a great event and you'll find interesting things to do as well.

Make sure you checkout the following:

1. Mobile Kombat Competition

You can download the game from CommNet and start battling it out with anyone else you see at the event. If he/she doesn't have it, Beam it to them. You could walk away with some new devices.

2. Feeder Reader

Greg has released a special MEDC event version of his RSS reader for the Pocket PC. you can download it from this URL:

3. Keep abreast with our backstage activities on our Flickr site.


and last of all, say Hi if you bump into me at the event.



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