Keynote Review #3 Done!

We've just had our most important keynote review with our senior execs this morning and after 90minutes, we all left feeling happy yet very tired. We spent the last two days putting together some really cool last minute demo applications into the keynote flow and we got great feedback about the flow and timing of the presentation and script.

On that note, our keynote script is growing in size everyday as we add more cool things. I'm sure most of you have attended many large events such as MEDC, my question is, what is the largest or longest keynote that you've ever attended? Was it in a Microsoft event? was is fun or excruciating?



Comments (3)

  1. RichardJones says:

    Onstage pyrotechnics, always goes down well…

  2. galego says:

    I attended the PDC’ 05, and it was a long keynote, but it was full of fun 🙂

    I bought my JasJar during it. It was crazy!

  3. Loke Uei says:

    ooo I love pyrotechnics but then again, not for the faint hearted.

    Longest keynote i’ve been was in an internal Microsoft event called MGB.

    8am to 10pm. 14hour long keynote but we endured coz we wanted to listen to SteveB 🙂

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