Too many cooks spoil the broth.

As the ol'saying goes. I thought we would have a glitch free content scheduling exercise for MEDC 2006, but as another popular adage goes, nothing is ever absolutely perfect.

We were struggling with some session code changes, renaming from ILL to EMB and back and moving sessions around and we managed to confuse ourselves. Four of us were working on the schedule and because of the timelag and how we prioritize reading emails, we went out of sync.. I mean. MAJORLY out of sync. Letting the discussion go out of control.

So what is the next most natural thing to do? Take Control. and that's what TWO of us did, and that started another downward spiral because we had two very initiative people realizing the problem and trying to get control to fix the initial problem. Who do you listen to? so, lack of a clear leader was the cause of this problem.

Anyway, without having to bore you anymore, one person stepped back and let the other take control. Hopefully we'll have the situation fix itself in a while.

Why am i teling you this? because I laughed out loud so hard (lucky the walls are thick in this meeting room). That must have been the best laugh I had in a long long time.

Viva La Murphy!


Any of you have interesting stories to tell that made you laugh out really hard recently?

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