MEDC Dry runs begin today!

We've finished with our first day of Dry-runs today and we've observed something really interesting. We only had 4 speakers. While we have allocated 3 large rooms. When we took a look at the schedule, it was bottom heavy as expected. Everybody wanted to take as much time as possible to work on their slides and signed up from the last day moving backwards. Funny how it turned out to be like this isn't it? while for most schedules, they're top heavy.

Today we covered:

ITP401 : Windows Mobile Device Management for the Enterprise - Khalid Siddiqui
ITP308 : Inside Microsoft: Deploying and Supporting Line of Business Applications - Austin Pinard
ITP203 : The Business Value of Windows Mobile in the Enterprise - Steve Conn
EMB317 : How to componentize 3rd party Drivers and Applications for XPe devices - Andy Allred

Will keep updating as and when we get through the sessions. From the 4 we've seen and if the others are anything close, you guys will be in for a GREAT show. The content is deep, enlightening and frankly very entertaining (for a techie of course).

Marketing folks should stay at home.


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