Flight of the Bumblebee

ok so we just got our flight schedule for the MEDC International Ontour events. one word. CRAZY! I was expecting to fly a lot but ugh.


Mike did some basic calculations and here's what he came up with.


  • Total miles: 26,320
  • Flight Time (hours): 54:47
  • Total Days: 18
  • Miles per Day: 1,457
  • Flight hours per day: 3
  • Longest single segment: Los Angeles to Sydney 14 hours and 35 minutes!

  • Here's a few more :

  • Number of Airlines : 8
  • Longest layover : 5.5 hours (SIN-KUL)
  • No of 747s : 6
  • Longest Rest : 3 days on a beach in the French Riviera 😉

    thank god i'm not doing TechEd Boston. That's going to be on the 11th till 16th of June. Right smack in the middle of our schedule.

    anyone have any extended travel survival tips?


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