A Thousand Apologies

I realize that we've past the deadline for notifying all content submission owners. We promised that we'll send out the email yesterday 1/30. There were some issues internally with our process and systems and we should be done by tomorrow latest.

We will be sending out an email to those who submitted ideas we did not use. For those of you who have been selected, the individual Track Owners will be contacting you directly.

Again, thank you all for submitting ideas, some of the ideas were fantastic, others were whacky as hell.

Some of the funnier ideas were:

1. My Doorbell
2. The Wheels on the Bus
3. Yawp:I sound my barbaric YAWP over the roofs of the world

Just to note, we didn't take these sessions not because of their title, but because of the content and applicability to our audience. 🙂


Comments (2)

  1. Daniel Moth says:

    So, if one hasn’t received any email yet about the submission, does that mean their session was definitely chosen?



  2. BlitBlog says:

    Most likely 🙂 The other session owners should be contacting you shortly. If they have not within the next few days, please let me know.

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