First Content Review Completed

Phew. Survived the 3hour content review yesterday. We got all the content owners together in a big room (with a small TV) to stare small text in an excel spreadsheet to go through all content submissions from the Call for Papers Website at, together with submissions from the product teams and other internal sources. Our task was to triage all session ideas and come up with a Master List of breakout sessions for MEDC 2006. At the end of the exercise we collected over 145 breakout sessions for all three tracks, Application Development, Windows Embedded and Managing and Deploying Mobile Devices.

We still need to do some last minute massaging to get the list down to 136. Some of the session ideas were fantastic, esp. Mike Hall's CE and Embedded list of sessions stay tuned for the final list that we'll upload to the external website soon.

One thing that attendees should look forward to are the Hands-on Labs and Instructor Led Labs that Eric Engineer is planning. That alone is worth the admission amount.



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