Release Update 2017-07-14

NOTE: Weekly updates will now show up directly in the Azure Portal.  We will still post some updates (about once a month) at this place, but for latest updates please view by opening a Logic App and selecting "Release Notes" as pictured below:

Release Notes (aggregate):

  • Setting to turn disable async polling pattern for actions (fire and forget)
  • Templates are now hosted in GitHub here
  • Added "landing tips" for creating a logic app
  • Added ability to mark a foreach loop as "sequential" from the designer
  • Webhook triggers for OneDrive for Business
  • Retry policy settings added to action settings
  • Expression authoring in the designer (dynamic content tab)
  • XSLT now has option to disable BOM (Byte Order Mark)
  • Pagination support in the designer (e.g. SQL get > 256 rows in an action)
  • Support for 8 levels of nesting in the designer (used to be 6)
  • Pan and zoom controls added to the designer
  • Can configure action timeout within the action settings in designer
  • Server-side paging for getting multiple pages of results (e.g. > 256 SQL records)
  • Accessibility enhancements
  • More special characters supported in the designer
  • Can switch an array to pass in an entire array instead of only single properties
  • Can modify and enable splitOn within the designer for a trigger
  • Decrement variable support
  • API Management run-history now renders based on OpenAPI definition
  • New video added to the template screen
  • Accessibility improvements to folder/file picker and dropdown menus
  • Performance and optimization improvements

Bug Fixes (aggregate):

  • Renaming the foreach loop in code-view wouldn't always reflect on reload
  • Foreach using new @items() syntax to enable nested loops
  • Rendering of the file picker would sometimes not wrap correctly
  • Sending full array would disappear when clicking "Switch to raw inputs"
  • Trigger wouldn't have delete enabled even if outputs weren't being accessed
  • IE11 had issues with multiple triggers
  • Function name was over the API Management card
  • Filter array from value would change to string on designer load
  • Tracked properties for variables weren't being correctly preserved
  • Copy/paste would replace the entire field when pasting in values
  • Fixed issue where trigger history display would show "Loading"
  • Dynamic content would sometimes be cut-off the top of the screen
  • Fixed issue where trigger history display would show "Loading"
  • Portal wouldn't show the status for all Logic Apps when > 35
  • Fixed issues when opening run history with new browse mode
  • Webhook trigger operations would sometimes ask user for polling frequency
  • Initialize variable in designer correctly lists supported types
  • Fixed reload of designer when using x-ms-dynamic-values in swagger for HTTP + Swagger


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