2016-10-06 Release Update

Had a lot of exciting features ship this week into Logic Apps across the designer and backend.  Be sure to check out our sessions at Ignite for more details on what is coming soon as well:

Release Notes:

  • Add APIs directly from Azure API Management (in dropdown above search)
  • Multiple items in a foreach loop now supported
  • Added connector for Business Application Common Data Model
  • Service Bus will now long poll for 30 seconds, enabling triggers that fire the instant something is added
  • Service Bus now has triggers and actions for peek/lock, deadletter, complete, and abondon messages
  • Designer look/feel refresh
  • New Logic Apps logo
  • Now emit metrics for Billable Events and Run Failure Rate that can be used with Diagnostics, Alerts, or the new Azure Monitoring service.
  • Major performance improvements to designer load time (dynamic loading)
  • Can escape single quote ' within expressions or ARM templates ''

Bug Fixes:

  • Long polling triggers would sometimes take a few
  • Some overlap issues for file picker were resolved
  • The card could jump to end of a workflow when selecting array data
  • Loading icon would disappear when loading a run

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