2016-09-15 Release Update

Release Notes:

  • Prompt for connections that are unauthorized on load (for example: post Visual Studio deployment)
  • API Connections used in Logic App now show up on Logic App Blade
  • Can open directly to Code-View from Logic App Blade
  • Increase size of @concat()
  • Added new operations for @split(), @indexOf(), @startsWith(), @formatDateTime(), @array(), and @createArray()

Bug Fixes:

  • Dynamic trigger outputs (Salesforce, SharePoint, Dynamics) were being incorrectly serialized after reload
  • Run view was missing some properties of outputs (recurrence)
  • SQL procedure name was lost on reloading
  • Condition card formatting fixes
  • Improved some error messages

Comments (3)

  1. Daniel Richardson says:

    Also schemas uploaded to integration accounts now need to be loaded in dependency order. i.e. referenced schemas to the Integration Account first

    1. Jon Fancey says:

      Hi Daniel – thanks, yes, that’s correct. We now validate the schema references on upload to avoid runtime dependency errors. This means that you need to upload the base schemas first and then the ones that reference them.

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