Release Update 2017-03-24

Release Notes: Support for variables (counters) in designer Initialize Variable action Increment Variable action @variable(‘<name>’) expression Add new action at any position in a workflow New Table action (Array to CSV and Array to HTML) Support for “Terminate” to “Succeeded” Support for nesting a foreach in a foreach Date-time filter for runs in the resource…


Release Update 2017-03-17

Release Notes: Phase 2: Foreach loops can now iterate over 100k items Improved performance of split on trigger debatching Bug Fixes: Display dynamic-value inputs correctly in designer even if a call to the service to get metadata fails Dropdown filter now case-insensitive Inserting dynamic output immediately before another dynamic output should concatenate correctly


Release Update 2017-03-10

Release Notes: Azure Blob trigger added Open nested logic app from designer or run history Support for messages up to 100MB, and HTTP timeout max of 120 seconds Ability to set a timeout on HTTP Webhook or Async operation (e.g. on approval email – timeout after 1 day) Performance improvements for “split-on” debatching triggers Added…


Release Update 2017-03-03

Release Notes: Logic App can now show previous versions of the logic app and promote previous versions to production Bug Fixes: Service Bus message content on “Send Message” would sometimes reload as ‘raw’ @base64 representation Query parameters with a “.” would not reload correctly Support for single quote characters in action names (localization) Some combinations of…


Release Update 2017-02-24

Release Update Add connection to Service Bus, DocumentDB, and Blob from subscription New run history view for showing inputs/outputs/errors more clearly Azure Functions with HTTPTrigger binding can now be called from a logic app Open Azure Function from the designer Bug Fixes Dynamic outputs picker wasn’t always collapsing when clicked Save was sometimes blocked when waiting…


Release Update 2017-02-17

Be sure to join our live webcast on 2-16 4pm PST – – live from #MSAUIgnite Release Notes New template starting screen Support for relative URLs and HTTP Methods on request trigger Support for multiline connection properties (SSH Key in SFTP) Allow you to open an Azure Function from the designer (opening the action…


Release Update 2017-02-10

Release Notes JSON Schema generator in designer Support for multipart/formdata and application/x-www-url-formencoded Can access in a run via @triggerFormDataValue(‘key’) HTTP Webhook can leverage query parameters on callback Bug Fixes IE compatibility and performance fixes Retry-policy wasn’t fully honoring config on nested workflow actions


Release Update 2017-01-27

Note: as mentioned in the last release notes, these are the bits that will begin rolling out this week.  They won’t start to light up in production until Thursday/Friday. Release Notes: New Parse JSON Action to parse and schematize JSON payloads Drag and drop messages to help show when drag is not allowed Bugs: Various…


Release Update 2017-01-20

Apologies for the delay.  There was a tooling issue so the last 2 updates didn’t post.  Also starting with next week we will start posting these in advance of a release so you can be aware of changes that may effect you before they roll out.  Feel free to contact us for questions – ….


Release Update – 2016-11-18

Release Notes: Confirmation dialog added to resubmit run Singleton triggers allowed (can mark a trigger with operationOption of singleton, and new instances will not fire unless all running flows are completed) Can now view the raw inputs and outputs of actions with the historical run view Performance improvements for spliton (debatch) triggers Connection verify in designer…