Browsing API Connections in the Azure Portal

UPDATE: There is a new "API CONNECTIONS" resource in the Azure Portal you can now browse to view, edit, authorize, and create new API Connections.


I had written a blog post on Using PowerShell to Manage API Connections to help with interrogating and cleaning up connections. Even though there isn't a full portal experience for Connection management you  can still browse the connections within the portal using the Resource Explorer.  In the Azure Portal go to the Resource Explorer, select Subscriptions -> {subscription-id} -> providers -> Microsoft.Web -> connections -> {connectionName}.


You can also browse these connection in the Resource Explorer via Resource Groups within your subscription (e.g. {subscription-id} -> ResourceGroups -> {resourceGroupName} -> Resources -> [Microsoft.Web/connections] {connectionName}.


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  1. Hi Kevin, when I try the link you posted above, ( I get the following sign-in error – is it meant to be restricted?

    Correlation ID: 423bed8b-b700-4a29-87f2-7c2d3a07ae9e
    Timestamp: 2016-06-20 11:38:08Z
    AADSTS50020: User account ” from identity provider ‘’ does not exist in tenant ‘JeffHollanLive’ and cannot access the application ‘266e9d00-b34b-490e-b991-f82962b50c13’ in that tenant. The account needs to be added as an external user in the tenant first. Sign out and sign in again with a different Azure Active Directory user account.

    1. Sorry about that – the good news is you can now manage your connections by going to the portal and browsing “API CONNECTIONS” resources

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