Snoop with 64 bit support

If you have used Snoop, its very likely you are using it with 32 bit apps since it lacked the support for the x64 apps. Now Cory has built an x64 Snoop version with a few other enhancements. Link to Cory’s post: Click Here Share this post  


Tool: Crack.NET

Josh has just published the tool he’s been working on – CRACK.NET. Its a combo of Snoop and Mole and its pretty awesome. “Crack.NET allows you to “walk” the managed heap of another .NET application, inspect all kinds of values on objects, and even manipulate those objects via IronPython scripts” You can read more about…


Tool: Export Visio to Xaml

This is a pretty nifty tool by Saveen.. The project is on codeplex:  The results look amazing: (Visio rendering v/s Xaml render) Share this post  


Creating Addins for XamlPadX

I got a few queries after releasing XamlPadX v3 regarding creating addins for the tool. So here is a small post on it. 🙂 Create a customControlLibrary project. Add a reference to the AddInView dll present in the XamlPadX folder which is located in the program files folder. Also add a reference to the 3.5…


WpfPerf tools now available as a msi

A couple of weeks ago I had posted an entry about the WPF perf tools being part of the SDK.. One of the readers asked for a separate installable since the SDK is huge and downloading the SDK just for the perf tools really didnt make sense… So we listened, and the WPF perf tools…


Updated WpfPerf.msi

I got a couple of mail regarding the performance tools… The good news is that the Windows SDK which was released a week ago has the updated WPF perf tools. WPFperf.msi comes as part of the SDK.  You would have to uninstall previous versions of the msi before installing the updated version.


Update: XamlPadX v2.5

I was pleasantly surprised by the response I got for the last update of the tool. Along with the feedback I got a few bugs… ahh the bugs … so went about fixing them … Got a couple of new features too. 🙂 If you have noticed above, theres a System Tray option to minimize…


Expression Blend available on MSDN

Expression Web and Blend will be available to all MSDN premium subscribers. yooohooo …. More power to users ….The following is the excerpt from Somasegar’s blog:  ” I am pleased to say that we will be making Expression Web available starting today to all MSDN Premium subscribers.  We will also make Expression Blend available to MSDN Premium…

NewsReader apps (built using NewsReader SDK)

I hope you guys out there have tried out the New York Times NewsReader. It enriches the reading experience. It’s  more immersive in the sense that you get the feel of reading a newspaper J. Now we expand this experience to more readers. We now have Seattle P-I, Daily Mail, and come out with…


WPF/E 3D(like) photo app

Often times when I go through the WPF forums, I see people getting confused with WPF and WPF/E….. (don’t miss the ‘E’)..   One of things that is on many of our minds is ‘why not xbap’. Chad summarizes the difference in his blog pretty well. “WPF/E Applications ·         Are cross-platform ready (Mac OS X and…