Using RibbonGallery Control

The Ribbon Control is a pretty big control owing to the complexity of the Ribbon design guidelines. You can give it a try by downloading from LINK While there are several things to blog about, this post will focus on RibbonGallery. The download provides a sample that covers all features by implementing the Office Ribbon….


WPF Ribbon Basics

  The WPF Ribbon control is easy to use once you get the basics of it. The structure is simple <ribbon:Ribbon x:Name=”Ribbon” >     <ribbon:Ribbon.ApplicationMenu>         <ribbon:RibbonApplicationMenu SmallImageSource=”Images\SmallIcon.png” >             <ribbon:RibbonApplicationMenuItem Header=”Open _File” ImageSource=”Images\LargeIcon.png”/>         </ribbon:RibbonApplicationMenu>     </ribbon:Ribbon.ApplicationMenu>     <ribbon:RibbonTab Header=”Home”>         <ribbon:RibbonGroup Header=”Group1″>   So you have Ribbon, Menu, RibbonTab, and then the Ribbon…


WPF WebBrowser – Awesome!!

Just came back from vacation, which was great. Going through the blog posts i missed, I saw the WPF browser app which I thought you should definitely take a look. Its a mix of the Google Chromium project, (a wrapper called Awesomium) and a WPF. The source code is also available – so makes for some nice reading…


MDI task switching sample

If you are creating apps which have mdi’s (multiple document interfaces) you should definitely take a look at Karls post on MDI task switching. Its an elegant solution and  the post explains it nicely … and yeah you do have the code …:) .. Take a look     Share this post  


Clipping of child elements

On the forums I saw this interesting problem where there was a need to round the corners of a stackpanel inside a border with cornerradius set… The top is what you get and the bottom image is what you want. The simplest thing to do here is to set the padding on the border so…


Split ButtonMenu ItemAutomation

I got a couple of queries from the readers asking if I could provide a slightly non-trivial sample of using automation. So I created a split button user control which looks something like this If there are no items then you get a checkable button. The items are created in a popup and are generated…


Xbaps using Cookies

Earlier on I had written an app, BlogPadm which was fulltrust and the writer used Google Data API to write the content to However, when you create an xbap version of it, a problem arises in that you cannot make WebRequests outside site of origin and hence, the xbap version of the above failed to…


Drag drop library updated

The drag drop entry that I had posted has been used by a lot of you guys out there and I have received a lot of suggestions/bugs. I also got a few ready made fixes from you… Thank You 🙂 …  So I finally got down to incorporating all these changes and got the new library…


Maximizing borderless window using SysParameter values

Earlier on, I had written a post on maximizing a borderless (WindowStyle=None) window but without covering the taskbar. This solution works well but was not that nice to look at implementation wise 🙂 … However, theres a simplere solution to achieve the same. I get quite a few queries about the previous post, so I…


Another MindMapping Tool

A month ago, I was browsing through different blogs and came across Denis Vuyka’s blog post on connecting objects on the canvas… Nice post… Being an avid fan of mind maps, that was the natural extension to the library that he created. Check it out   There are 3 types of objects which are basically the same… they…