Announcing: Vista SP1 RTM/ WPF App quality guide

The WPF team at Microsoft is happy to present the first release of the WPF Application Quality Guide. It’s a guide that upon completion can be a one-stop shop for guidance and best practices to improve product quality and testability for WPF applications. For those who missed the news yesterday,  Vista SP1  was released to…


3.5 features: Addins

In 3.0, we received a number of queries regarding creating plugins. So in 3.5 we got this in .. 🙂 .. Creating an adding would bsically need the use of 3 dlls – System.Addin, System.Addin.Contract, System.Presentation The basic steps to create the addins involves creating a contract, then create the corresponding views and adapsters for…


Back to the Future @TechEd 2007

Now this is pretty funny… Watch the video that was played at the start of the keynote address at TechEd 2007  Video: Microsoft Back to the Future Share this post  


WPF Blog Writer

Recently, I was trying my hand at creating a simple blog writer. The writer came out pretty nice. The app makes use of a base richEditor control (thanks to Praj).. After a bit of tweaking it ended up like the above… So the app just makes a simple call in the xaml <custom:RichEditor/> …tada ……


Vista style Open/Save FileDialogs

If you have tried creating FileDialogs in WPF, they usually do not blend well into the Vista look. The solution is to use the wrappers provided in the VistaBridge library which is part of the SDK samples. You could include the library dll (around 100k) in your project and then make the simple call to…


New WPF Community Site

We now have a new community site for WPF – It gels both the WPF and Windows forms communities and provides for a unified .NET/Windows client community. This effort consolidates the community knowledge – so more power to you guys out there 🙂 Share this post


Updated WpfPerf.msi

I got a couple of mail regarding the performance tools… The good news is that the Windows SDK which was released a week ago has the updated WPF perf tools. WPFperf.msi comes as part of the SDK.  You would have to uninstall previous versions of the msi before installing the updated version.


Microsoft SilverLight announced

Heard about SilverLight … it was announced today by Microsoft at the National Association of Broadcasters(NAB) conference. So what is it – “Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of media experiences and rich interactive applications (RIAs) for the Web.” … btw for those of you wondering, this was formerly known…

Smalltalk sessions in a XBAP

Xbaps are just multiplying by the day… Just came across this interesting xbap which runs VistaSmalltalk sessions. Its got a nice usage of popups.   Share this post


BitmapSource-Bitmap interop

Recently I was trying my hand at a rough image editing scenario and one of the things was changing into gray scale, brightness and so forth. If you have played with .NET 2.0 you get quite a few functions which help in these types of operations and it would be nice shifting Images to Bitmaps…