Silverlight 5 FireStarter

Today we announced the plans for the next version of Silverlight along with a bunch a demos at the FireStarter event. If you missed it, you can take a look at the recordings   The feature list for SL5 includes Media improvements Graphics Improvements Databinding updates Performance improvements Fluid UI capabilities Text improvements …. and…

Xaml Art Assets

One more interesting site:  … Was looking around for some interesting xaml artifacts for a sample project and this site had plenty of it. The clipart is pretty nice (as shown below)… Have fun.. \ Share this post  


Porting WPF apps to Silverlight

The other day when browsing through the blogosphere I came across Arik’s posts describing the workarounds\tips that he used for porting his 3.5 WPF application to Silverlight. It was a good read since all these tips from different bloggers have been consolidated in 2 posts Porting from WPF to Silverlight: The Missing Pieces, Part 1…


SL Timeline control for Sharepoint

The other day I wanted to have a timeline control in Sharepoint so that I could easily know where each project is in its lifecycle. Yeah, you could easily use Visio or some other diagramming tool but it does take effort. So a timeline control would be nice. In Sharepoint 2010, you can host a…


Guidance on WPFSL differences

The title says it all.. This is question that pops up all the time. So its good to share out a document that lays it down.  

Live search in a Silverlight avatar

Try out… Not heard of it… its a new search site from Microsoft which provides Live search results in a Silverlight interface… The site is in beta but it shows the power of Silverlight.. You would need to install the Release candidate of silverlight to get it running… Check it out Share this post…


Nifty Silverlight game

Came across this nice little Silverlight game…. Give it a shot… heres the link Share this post