MVVM Frameworks

Cinch Author: Sacha Barber Silverlight support: no Documentation: excellent, 6 articles published on CodeProject Hosting : CodePlex License:  Code Project Open License Features: attached behaviors validation suing IDataErrorInfo support for IEditableObject weak events creation and subscription mediator messaging using weak events IOC/DI support (using Unity) services: event logger, message box, open save dialog, popup threading helpers…

XamlpadX 4.0 zip



<a href=””>CalPoly Directory</a>


mind mapper tool msi Mind Mapper Tool Setup.exe

photo globe

photo globe   ?[Copy to clipboard]View Code CSHARP 1 2 3 4 public Window1() { this.DataContext = new Window1ViewModel(this); } Photo

project msi

ss Project123.msi


Current version of XamlPadX Version 4.0 Older Versions Version 3.0 Version2.5 Version2 Version 1.5 Version 1    

xamleditor prj

xamleditor prj attached

test page

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