New WPF Features: DatePickerCalendarVSMDatagrid

This is part of a series on New WPF Features   These controls have been part of the WPF toolkit on Codeplex. They are now making their way into the framework. You can get the usage details from the codeplex site WPF Toolkit: DataGrid Feature Walkthrough  WPF Toolkit: Visual State Manager Overview  WPF Toolkit: DatePicker and…


New WPF Controls: Ribbon/Calendar/DatePicker/VSM

Now you asked for more controls and you got it!! We have got walkthroughs for the following features: WPF Toolkit: DataGrid Feature Walkthrough New! WPF Toolkit: Visual State Manager Overview New! Ribbon Feature Walkthrough New! WPF Toolkit: DatePicker and Calendar Walkthrough New! And to whet your appetite, heres some screenshots: So where do you download it:   Share…


WPF Datagrid CTP

One of the common requests from LOB customers has been the Datagrid control. Its not there is SP1 but we have released the CTP version of this control on Codeplex. check it out here:  In addition, it also includes VS templates for building GPU shader based effects.. Share this post