Want some WPF improvements/features: Tell us

The WPF platform is powerful but relatively new. We realize that some things are lacking and we are in listening mode. If you feel that we need to improve or add something, send me a comment. We’ll make sure you are heard. 🙂   Share this post  


Time to shoot feature requests

WPF is shaping up to be a really nice crisp product and this wouldnt have been possible without the help of YOU – our customers. The editing team is now planning for future releases and it would be nice to know what features you would like to see in the next release. Even if its not connected to…


XamlPadX v2

Season’s greetings guys 🙂 Hope your Christmas was great. Ok so before we go into the next year I thought I’ll take a look at XamlPadX since it will get a bit tough to spend some time on it in the next year. So XamlpadX v2 looks like: New features:1> Line numbers in the Editing box2> Written…


XamlPadX 4.0

So I finally got a chance to update XamlpadX and heres the new version. Whats new. The UI has been revamped to give the Blend sorta look. Menus have been rearranged to maximize the space. New addins: Clipboard viewer – which works well for analyzing rtf/xaml … Path Designer/Jasema (thanks to Marlon) Snapshot utility to take…


WPF 3.5 SP1 feature: StringFormat

One of the new features in 3.5 SP1 is stringformat. The usage is pretty simple. So following are simple snippets showing its use <TextBox Text=”{Binding Path=Double, StringFormat=F3}”/> <TextBox Text=”{Binding Path=Double, StringFormat=Amount: {0:C}}”/> <TextBox Text=”{Binding Path=Double, StringFormat=Amount: \{0:C\}}”/> <TextBox>   <TextBox.Text>     <Binding Path=”Double” StringFormat=”{}{0:C}”/>   </TextBox.Text> </TextBox>   <TextBox>   <TextBox.Text>     <MultiBinding StringFormat=”{}{0:F2} =…


Request for Feedback (WPF VNext)

So have you tried out .NET 4. If not, do give it a try. We have a bunch of new WPF features in .NET 4 and it was covered as part of the WPF features series. Now that we are close to release, whats next. This is where your feedback is invaluable. We listened to your…


WPF Ribbon Basics

  The WPF Ribbon control is easy to use once you get the basics of it. The structure is simple <ribbon:Ribbon x:Name=”Ribbon” >     <ribbon:Ribbon.ApplicationMenu>         <ribbon:RibbonApplicationMenu SmallImageSource=”Images\SmallIcon.png” >             <ribbon:RibbonApplicationMenuItem Header=”Open _File” ImageSource=”Images\LargeIcon.png”/>         </ribbon:RibbonApplicationMenu>     </ribbon:Ribbon.ApplicationMenu>     <ribbon:RibbonTab Header=”Home”>         <ribbon:RibbonGroup Header=”Group1″>   So you have Ribbon, Menu, RibbonTab, and then the Ribbon…


WPF WebBrowser (.NET 3.5 SP1)

One of the new controls is the WebBrowser… aha!! not the Winforms control.. we now have it in WPF. Functions supported by this control are: NavigateToString NavigateToStream Navigate GoBack GoForward  In xaml it would look like something like this: <StackPanel Name=”panel”>   <WebBrowser Height=”500″  >   </WebBrowser> </StackPanel>       I put together a simple…


XamlPadX V3.0

So I finally got some time to upgrade XamlPadX… One of the things that I really wanted to add was the plugin support and here you have it. So now users can create their own addins which will plug into xamlpadX. Addin developers can use 3 functionalities of XamlPadX:      void ChangeAppBackground(String str);     String textBoxContents {…


XAML Compliance Suite V1

Generally, when theres an open spec format, theres usually a set of tests that ensure that the spec is being followed right. As as example, the Acid tests help in deterning the support of web standards in different web browsers. So when it came to XAML, we (Xaml team) decided that we should have a basic set of…