WPF Ribbon (October Update Available)

October 2010 update of WPF Ribbon (on codeplex) is now available for download.

The updates include:

·         Ribbon Targets .NET  4.0 as well

·         Ribbon targeting 4.0 takes advantage of the ClearType in WPF

·         Ribbon now works in VS2010 Express editions

·         Stylistic fixes

·         Rendering fixes



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Comments (1)

  1. Sven says:

    Sweet ! Now for some much needed love for the WPF toolkit please !

    Seriously, it hasn't been updated since .net 4.0 was released.

    That was like April 12, guys! :-O

    All you need to do (for starters) is to eliminate the redundancies (VSM, DataGrid)

    and maybe fix some bugs in the accordion control too, thankyouverymuch :-))

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