Concluding "New WPF Features" Series

This is the last part of a series on New WPF Features  

The list of features covered here as part of this series:

·         MultiTouch

·         DatePicker\Calendar 

·         Datagrid

·         Visual State Manager (VSM)

·         Easing Functions

·          JumpLists

·         Pixel Shader 3 support

·         Cached Composition

·         Full trust Xbap Deployment

·         Binding to Dynamic Objects

·         Custom Speller Support

·         Script Interop in Xbap

·         UIA Virtualization

·         UIA SynchronizedInputPattern

·         Input Key\Gesture Binding

·         TextFormattingMode

·         CaretBrush

·         SelectionBrush

·         Bindable Run

·         ClearTypeHint

·         LayoutRounding

·         Updated File Dialogs

XAML 2009

·         Built-in Types

·         Node Loop Flexibility

·         Event Handling

·         Named Object References

·         Generics Support

·         FactoryMethod\x:Arguments


Comments (4)
  1. Jeremy says:

    Thank you for sharing all those new features with us. You did a great job 🙂

  2. in_a_bottle says:

    Silverlight 4 gets some improvements regarding animationg the loading/unloading of items inside ItemsControll|s, generally under the marketing name "fluid UI".

    I wish WPF would get the same feature, as it is currently extremely difficult to create such animations, although it makes your UI so much "smoother".

  3. Jomit says:

    Excellent !!! Thanks for the entire series….

  4. puma says:

    Really wonderfu..thank you for you good post..

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