New WPF Features: Full Trust Xbap Deployment

This is part of a series on New WPF Features 

In earlier versions, on trying to deploy a Full Trust Xbap, you would get a “Trust Not Granted” error. Its possible to workaround this issue by installing an assembly in the GAC that has the AllowPartiallyTrustedCallersAttribute. Another option is to install a certificate on the user machine and sign the Xbap with the certificate. Yeah, its painful and we worked on this issue for this release

Now on deployment, you would get a clickonce dialog so that the user can determine if s\he want to run the Xbap. This is really beneficial in the case of Intranet deployment. Do I hear a WOW.. 🙂

Below is the pictorial difference..


In addition, clicking on the More Information link open up a dialog with additional information that would enable the user to make a more knowledgeable decision about installation

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Comments (4)

  1. Michael Sync says:

    Great. This is good feature.. We ended up having the certification when we were developing full-trust xbap app.

  2. This is one pain that I have to deal with XBAPs before. Even if I set the project to full-trust settings, it still won’t run when the application is deployed. Gotta have to try this one when I reach home. Great job guys!

  3. Michael says:

    Once you click to allow it to be run the first time, will the user continue to see the same security prompt each time they return?  Thanks!

  4. llester says:

    As long as there are no updates to the app, the user wouldnt be shown the security prompt the second time.