TestAPI v0.2 Released

TestAPI has released its 0.2 version. New features include:

- App Control API - In the earlier version, automation of the test apps (in proc/out proc) was demo'd in a sample. Now this is integrated into the TestAPI making it simpler to test the apps.

- New Visual Verification Features

  • A new tolerance map visual verifier in SnapshotToleranceMapVerifier
  • New operations on snapshot (And and Or) allowing you to mask
  • A new Snapshot.FromWindow(...) constructor with ability to include and exclude the window chrome in snapshots.
  • Improved visual verification internals

- New Command Line Parser features

- xUnit/nUnit Samples - This breaks the dependency on VS to run samples making it easier for people not using VS to see the API in action

- Enhanced documentation

Please check the updated TestAPI. Would greatly appreciate any feedback - (the good as well as the constructive 🙂 )


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