WPF Test Helper Library

Testing your application is a critical part of the development lifecycle. However, as part of testing we often reinvent the wheel when it comes to helpers. How many of you out there have written file, input, and so forth helper classes.

We realized this and decided to put out an open source project that delivers quality helper classes that would work out of the box. We have started out with a small set of API's for now but plan to expand it further. Currently we support the following helpers

Commandline parsing API

Input API

UIA Utility API

Visual Verification API

WPF Dispatcher

 Where do you get it: http://www.codeplex.com/TestApi

You also get documentation of the APIs and a sample use of the the API's as well.

Now that its released, its your turn to try it out and send us feedback. 🙂

Update:V0.4 is now released


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  1. Our WPF Test team has just released a library of tools that can be leveraged to test WPF applications.

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